The Subconscious Influence

Often times people want to blame media as being a problem on people’s perspective of beauty. Who decides who is the most beautiful person of 2016? I think, not positive on the facts of this, that we are one of the only species that judges are same species mostly on looks. What clothes one is […]

be you

Chameleon No More

I always thought I knew who I was. I identified my identity around image, and being a chameleon that could go with the flow. Never realizing that I was never taking the time to get to know me. I was too busy, trying not to stir the pot – because I hated conflict – that […]

own your story

Owning Our Story

I recently read a book by Brene’ Brown The Gifts of our Imperfections. One of the things she talked about is owning your story. For too long, I have let certain elements in my life define me or better yet Own ME. My idea with starting a blog is to shed light on topics or realize […]