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This is NOW.

I often ask myself, “Why is it that we self-sabotage?” After a lot of pondering it makes me think, because like the saying “Old Habits die hard.” Once, we get into a pattern we are familiar with or we consider “works” we do the repeated action over and over again. I started this blog to […]

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It’s My Birthday Suit

With Kim Kardashian posting her newest nude photo of instagram and the comments that followed it really got me thinking. It’s interesting how some women will respond with joining in like Sharon Osbourne saying how Kim inspired her. Or on the flip side P!nk will post something on twitter in response saying “Shout out to […]

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Redefining Success

What is success? Who says or ultimately decides what success is. According to who? I think everyone has there own way to define it. Everyone is entitled to their dream and how they want to live it. Excluding if it is something that causes harm to other but still. I had what would be success […]


The Subconscious Influence

Often times people want to blame media as being a problem on people’s perspective of beauty. Who decides who is the most beautiful person of 2016? I think, not positive on the facts of this, that we are one of the only species that judges are same species mostly on looks. What clothes one is […]

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Chameleon No More

I always thought I knew who I was. I identified my identity around image, and being a chameleon that could go with the flow. Never realizing that I was never taking the time to get to know me. I was too busy, trying not to stir the pot – because I hated conflict – that […]