Race to the Finish Line

I so often catch myself fixated on the end results. The finish line. Where I want to be. I completely forget to take in my day to day activities – my day to day experiences. It is so easy to want the bigger picture, that I miss out on all the little things that are […]


Be The Change

Growing up I always knew I wanted to do great things, I saw the world and I wanted to make it better. I always had this desire to change the world. In my head everyone had that desire, everyone wanted to make the world a better place and help other in need. Everyone else wanted to […]

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Redefining Success

What is success? Who says or ultimately decides what success is. According to who? I think everyone has there own way to define it. Everyone is entitled to their dream and how they want to live it. Excluding if it is something that causes harm to other but still. I had what would be success […]


The Subconscious Influence

Often times people want to blame media as being a problem on people’s perspective of beauty. Who decides who is the most beautiful person of 2016? I think, not positive on the facts of this, that we are one of the only species that judges are same species mostly on looks. What clothes one is […]

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Chameleon No More

I always thought I knew who I was. I identified my identity around image, and being a chameleon that could go with the flow. Never realizing that I was never taking the time to get to know me. I was too busy, trying not to stir the pot – because I hated conflict – that […]

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Owning Our Story

I recently read a book by Brene’ Brown The Gifts of our Imperfections. One of the things she talked about is owning your story. For too long, I have let certain elements in my life define me or better yet Own ME. My idea with starting a blog is to shed light on topics or realize […]