Stand Together


In honor of International women’s day. I wanted to write about that. As something that I feel like as women we have come so far, yet, still have so much more to keep fighting for.

The most surprising thing to me is that in this day in age, I find myself in alpha ego encounters with women. Or in this competition with them. Like who established that we were in a competition? Why are you feeling intimated by me? As if there is only room for one women to be the leading driving force. The only female to be in a high salary job, or the only female manager at an establishment. The only strong female that demands a presence. As someone, whom I would say has a presence about me, I find that other women then talk bad about me to other women. Or they see me as being cocky or sure of myself. First of all, when is being sure of yourself a bad thing? This is something I’m still working on and getting more comfortable with. Second, little do most people know that under this presence, is an someone fighting her insecurities, is someone just trying to put on this front to show strength.

I’ve always had more guy friends than girlfriends. I’ve also lost a lot of my guy friends to their girlfriends even though I was dating a girl or someone at the time. I also find in the work force, in particular the serving industry there is this weird competition on who is the stronger of the females. Who is just a “dumb girl” or who has a leadership quality about them. Who is the flirt, or the one no one will ask to pick up the trays and move things because she is a girl. Which then leads into for me a work ethic that I won’t really ask for help and I’ll make sure everything that needs to get done is done by me.
In today’s society, I feel like it should be about building each other up, Truly building each other up. Finding strengths and weakness and improving and honing on them. This reminds me of in “Mean Girls” when Tina Fey’s character says that line about calling each other sluts. When we call each other sluts we allow men to call us that too.
Sometimes, I wonder if when women are moving there way to the top, if they do it in certain manners, Does it help or harm our cause. If women continue to “Fuck their way to the top” does that become the norm, so when one women isn’t going to do it that way she then is screwed out of a job, because she obviously won’t do whatever it takes. Or in the acting field, where I saw and know firsthand accounts of girls who would sleep with the producer or director to ensure a bigger, better role. Again, does this discredit the ones who say no, I want to get where I’m going on my own accord, my own merit. Or is this something that comes to taking the high-road or the easy path. However, I do wonder if more and more women stuck together to build each other up, would the path to success be easier. Would women be paid more equally than men?
With most things in life, I think if we all stand together and find a common ground, we’ll see we are all here, trying to make our impact and live our life to the fullest.

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